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Important Information

Any updates or announcements will be added here.  Please check back frequently for new additions or before you head out to purchase or drop-off any presents.  

2023 Santa to a Senior Campaign

We are excited to once again be gearing up for another magical gift giving season.  Thank you for being a part of it and bringing joy to so many lives!

Recipient Matching

This is an exciting year.  For the very first time our Santa's will be able to browse and select their recipients themselves!  This is possible thanks to a very generous donation made by Winegard Ford to allow us to upgrade our website to include this feature.  Please be sure to let them know how much we all appreciate it!

Please add "" to your contacts so that your Recipient selection confirmation emails do not go to junk mail.  See our FAQ for more information.

Gift Giving Parade

December 9, 2023 is our facility delivery date this year.  Learn all about how it works and join as a volunteer!  Click here

Important Dates

Gifts need to be dropped off to our participating Home Hardware stores between Dec. 1st - 8th. More details to come.

Deliveries will be done on December 9th for facilities.  Volunteers can participate in this day.  See Gift Giving Parade.


Deliveries to Independent individuals personal homes will only be done by our Santa to a Senior Team to maintain recipients confidentiality. 

Gift Drop-Off

Gifts will be accepted for drop-off between December 1st-8th at several locations:  

  • Caledonia Home Hardware: 169 Argyle St S, Caledonia, ON N3W 1J1 905-765-2762

  • Hagersville Home Hardware: 11-15 Main St S, Hagersville, ON N0A 1H 905-768-3431

  • Cayuga Home Hardware: 69 Talbot St E, Cayuga, ON N0A 1E0 905-772-3333

  • Dunnville Home Hardware: 1051 Broad St E, Dunnville, ON N1A 2Z1 905-774-611

Donor's Needed

We are in need of more "Santa's" to purchase and donate gifts!  Please tell your friends and share with your neighbours.  We are most in need of more Santa's to purchase a gift, and as a secondary option to donate money so that we can purchase a gift for those we support. Every little bit helps to support people in your community who may not have family or much to be excited about during the holidays.  Your generosity is so appreciated!

Recipient Details

The recipient details are supplied from staff at the facilities, or by a friend/family member who nominates them.  We are limited to the details they provide and unable to get further information at this time.  We added some suggestions to the facilities to help identify helpful details such as sizing or specific type of item.

Generic Gifts

We do not receive details for every recipient on our list.  Sometimes that is because the facilities do not have staff available to interview each resident to get those details.  Instead they will let us know some of the things they need.  They will receive a "generic" gift for a man/woman/gender neutral. Suggestions for these gifts can be found in the description or on our website here. 

Recipient Categories

When you browse the list of recipients you may notice they have a category.  Most are defined by the facility or support program they are part of.  

Long-term care  - This is a facility that provides full care for the resident living in their facility. Sometimes we know an entire facility can use the help from this program, and sometimes we ask the facility to identify those that have no family, no support systems, or may need a mental health boost.


Retirement living - A facility that provides some minor assistance and care for their residents. Sometimes we know an entire facility can use the help from this program, and sometimes we ask them to identify those within the facility that have no family, no support systems, or may need a mental health boost.


Community Living - This generally means a group home for individuals requiring a higher level of support or where more than one person live together as part of an assisted living program.


Assisted Living - This may be someone who lives on their own, who is supported in some way by one of the assistance programs within Haldimand County and Six Nations. But they are self-sufficient in day-to-day living requirements and safe to live on their own.


Independent living - This may be someone who lives in the community, who may or may not be followed by one of the support programs within Haldimand County and Six Nations, and may have been nominated by a fellow community member, or someone else privately. Often times this category is on low income or has come into tough times. 

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